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Why Aubameyang came on for the last ten minutes on Thursday

By Tony Attwood

It is a perfect example of how the toxic blogs and newspaper sites build up their eternal story of mangerial incompetence – bringing on Aubameyang for the last ten minutes when Martinelli had been having a corker of a game.   What an idiot that manager is.  Get him out now!!!

But David Seaman apparently was bamboozled – at least according to the Star and lots of other sites jumped in as well following that lead.

It is a perfect example of how the media and medietta (invented word of the day for little media drainpipes) build up stories based on their own ignorance.  They don’t know why something happens and because they are the brainy people that means no one knows, and that means the manager is an idiot.  Emery Out!

So here is the answer:

If you read through the Martinelli interviews from the last few years (you might need a Portuguese translation unit, but people commenting ought to be doing their homework in my view) you will find regular references to the fact that Martinelli thinks his best position is on the wing.

Mr Emery does not seem to agree, wanting to play the lad down the middle, but as the central route was being blocked for him as the match wore on, he decided to give Martinelli a little run out down the wing, just to see what happened.  The question was did it bemuse the opposition defence for example?  Were they unsure of where to go?  Can Martinelli and Auba play in the same team with one on the wing and the other in the centre, and with them bemusing the defence by swapping positions?

Arsenal supporters of a certain age are of course used to this sort of ploy because Henry would regularly go and play left wing while actually being centre forward.  As Pires said a couple of times, it could get very crowded out there on the left.

So part of a bit of an experiment.  Can the team play Auba in the middle and Matrinelli on the left?  Can they swap over in a game?  What does it do to a tired defence when they do that?

And that’s it.  No mystery.  No oddity. No need to make a big fuss

All you need is a bit of background reading.

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