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Carragher urges Liverpool to strengthen attack

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher believes the club should prioritise another forward ahead of Bayern Munich midfielder Thiago Alcantara.

“I know everyone’s getting excited about Thiago coming in,” Carragher said.

“I think the excitement comes because he’s completely different to what Liverpool have in midfield.

“Liverpool have plenty of numbers in midfield, much of a muchness in terms of a style of player, so Thiago could add something completely different.

“But numbers-wise for me it’s the attacking front three.

“I feel if one of the front three – and I said this last season, it hasn’t changed – if one of them were to go down with a serious injury, I think that would really hurt Liverpool and I think Liverpool would it find it really difficult really to go on and win the league or certainly challenge Manchester City.

“So I think someone to really challenge the front three because this team was built three or four years ago, this is the same team if you take away [Loris] Karius and bring in Alisson that got to the Champions League final in Kiev – not the one they won, the one they lost.

“That team has been together for so long now and it just needs a little bit of a freshen up, not so much the starting XI but just that little bit of impetus, maybe challenge people within the dressing room.

“I think that adds a little bit of freshness, not somebody to go right into the team.

“Maybe if Thiago came in you’d say that and he’d add something different but for me the front three is vital.”

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