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Tierney, VAR, And Summer Tournaments

Apologies all, I didn’t realise it had been a week since the last post, not that there has been much to write about other than the dreaded transfer speculation. The lack of apparent activity is probably due to the fact that the international players were, or still are, in action and having a deserved (or not!) holiday. There is another believable theory that any new signings will not be announced until the new Adidas kit launch, now just a week away.

Who might it be? I wrote of Yannick Carrasco a couple of weeks back. All has gone quiet on that front, interestingly. The rumour du jour is that we have bid from £15-25m for young Celtic left-back Keiran Tierney. The Glasgow club are said to be asking for £40m for an inexperienced player with a poor injury record. They won’t be getting that from us!

I see from the drinks that a number of you are following the Womens World Cup. Me too, and I’m finding it largely enjoyable other than the antics of the Cameroon team in the match against England, and the length of time the referees are taking over some VAR reviews. I thought the FA were making improvements in the Cup matches where it was trialled last season. Usually quick and as the competition progressed they tried to give more information on the big screens to keep the supporters informed.

They have stopped short of what would be the major plus of such a system. Mic up the referees so we can hear what is being done. Rugby Union and cricket administrators trust their officials enough to allow that. The FA it would seem do not.

The other thing I would do is to make the offside law more straightforward. It seems harsh that your uncut toenail can be adjudged to be offside. Let’s go back to their being clear daylight between the attacker and the last defender.

France have looked impressive in the tournament but face a test against holders, the USA, in the quarter-final. England too are getting results and improving as the tournament progresses, which is always a good sign. There still much football to be played, however.

I have also caught glimpses here and there of the Copa America. Those on the other side of the pond may care to agree or disagree with me that the tournament has yet to spark into life?

I haven’t caught any of the African Cup of Nations. Alex Iwobi impressed as Nigeria opened their campaign with a 1-0 win over Burundi. Maybe I will catch some of the latter stages of the tournament?

Finally I have a plug for another piece by Dave Seager in his Gunners Town blog. We are thinking on very similar lines for the coming season and Freddie Ljungberg’s appointment as a first team coach would look to be a shrewd move if we were to offer more first team opportunities to our best young talent.

Have a good week, ‘holics.

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