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This is what we came here for: a wonderful night at Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Europa nights tend to be fairly relaxed at Arsenal stadium – at least at this stage of the competition.  We expect to win, and we expect to see goals, and quite often we get what we expect.  Not always of course, but sometimes, and the good games are the games to remember.

This was a special occasion, not because it was a jolly 4-0 win, but because we saw further evidence of what we had gathered before: that Martinelli really is the real deal – that something special player who knows what it is all about and delivers it.

There was a feeling last night of being there and watching the explosion of a super talent; a game we will think back to in years to come when we debate great moments in the history of being of a supporter.  Yes I was there, I saw him when he first arrived.

Of course much depends on what happens hereafter, but looking at the enormity of this young man’s confidence and ability, the portents are very positive indeed.

Martinelli is 18.  Virtually no one knew who he was when, thanks to Edu, we plucked him from Ituano and made him a squad player.  Last night we saw Standard Liège simply not know what on earth to do about him.

Meanwhile the away support filled all the available spaces in their part of the ground.  They brought their cheer leaders who never once look at the game but lead the chanting and singing, and their drummers who kept up the beat all the way through – even when 4-0 down.  Their team might not be up to our standard but their support is extraordinary.

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