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Should Arsenal Sign This Young Bundesliga Star ASAP?

With Aaron
Ramsey’s career at Arsenal over and Mesut Özil’s slowly drawing at an end, the
club will inevitably need to strengthen its core with new talents.

This may
not be imminent, but there are no doubts that Emery is already planning his
next move. In our opinion, that move should be signing Kai Havertz.

True, his
current value is no joke. It’s €90 million and rising, making him one of the
most valuable footballers in the world. However, this might be an investment
that Arsenal could very much benefit from.

All About Kai Havertz

This young
football prodigy is one of the youngest superstars with an impressive international
rating. He could be compared with the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Jadon Sancho.

Havertz is
only 20 years old but has already been playing in Bayer Leverkusen since 2016
as a centre midfielder. The German player also became the youngest ever athlete
in Bundesliga when he joined the club.

Early Career

Kai Havertz

Kai Havertz
was born in 1999 in Aachen, Germany, and started playing football at the age of
four. In 2003 he joined Alemannia Mariadorf, playing there for six years.

At ten, he
moved on to Alemannia Aachen only to transfer again to Bayer Leverkusen a year
later. There, he continued playing as a youth all the way until he joined the
senior team in 2016.

As a youth
at Leverkusen, Kai showed much promise. He scored 18 goals during this time and
earned more than one Fritz Walter medal for his performances.

Achievements and Public

Here are
some noteworthy stats among his other achievements:

  • Earned
    Fritz Walter gold medal for U-19 German players
  • Over
    100 appearances and 28 goals under Leverkusen
  • Appeared
    3 times in Germany’s National Football Team

versatile gameplay earned him the name of Alleskönner, a true all-around player comparable to the
aforementioned Özil as well as other legendary players.

Most bookmakers
at Neuecasinoseiten and similar sites in Germany
predict a bright future for this talent too.

So, seeing
that Arsenal pays much attention towards Bundesliga, they are at a position to
build a new dream team. It would start off with Markus Schubert at the far back
and Kai Havertz right in the middle.

Would Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Let Him Go?

talking about a star like this, we’re confident that Havertz’s leave is
inevitable. With the player’s value rising every month, it’s obvious that they
will want to sell him in exchange for more affordable talents.

Of course,
it’s never easy to predict where a footballer will eventually decide to go.
However, Premier League is a very likely destination and Arsenal might be just
the place for this rising star.

Possible Transfer Next

The current
contract that Havertz has with Bayer Leverkusen will end on the 30th of June,
2022. Therefore, quick transfer is not possible. However, it might not take
that long for a pre-contract to take place between him and Arsenal.

By that
time, it’s likely that Arsenal won’t have Özil in their ranks (his contract
lasts until June 2021). This would leave an empty spot for Havertz, allowing
the club to storm the Premier League by force.

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