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Santi Cazorla reveals hilarious details of Sergio Ramos’ wedding to Pilar Rubio

Former Arsenal midfielder Santi Cazorla has given fans some hilarious details of what took place at Sergio Ramos‘ wedding over the weekend.

The Real Madrid captain tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Pilar Rubio in a star-studded ceremony in Seville, Spain on Saturday.

Cazorla, who Ramos knows well through the Spanish national team, was one of many footballers invited and certainly seemed to have enjoyed himself.

The 34-year-old recalled the events on Spanish TV show El Hormiguero with its host Pablo Motos, who was also a guest at the party.

‘I only drank rum, one after another,’ Cazorla said. ‘I was loyal and only drank rum. I didn’t mix drinks because know it can catch up to me.

‘After rum I went on to churros with chocolate. The churros were amazing.’

Having covered the food and drink, Cazorla and Motos then moved on to ranking the best dancers at the party.

‘Pablo (Motos) was the best and I was second-best,’ Cazorla said with a smile.

‘I was really good, I ended up with a sore ankle, but it was worth it. Joaquin was good too, but he left very early.

‘Pepe Reina stayed with me and ended up tearing his shirt and I told him; “Pepe, it’s time to leave.”

There were also a number of special attractions on offer for guests, one of which Cazorla took a particular shining to.

‘I went on the bumper cars, which I hadn’t done since I was 15 and I didn’t fall off in an hour-and a-half.’

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