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Premier League Table: 90min Experts Predict 2019/20 Finishing Positions

​The first international break is too early in the season to draw any meaningful conclusions about the new Premier League campaign, but the second? Into the third month of competition and with European football starting to weigh on the minds of the elite? Now you’re talking. 

We’ve assembled some of 90min‘s finest minds to predict how the last 30 games of the league season are going to go and how things are going to shake out. The collated ‘90min‘ table is down at the bottom, but here’s how our editors reached that point – and how they’ve justified it. 

Position Chris Deeley Scott Saunders
1 Liverpool Liverpool
2 Man City Man City
3 Chelsea Arsenal
4 Arsenal Chelsea
5 Tottenham Leicester
6 Man Utd Tottenham
7 Leicester Man Utd
8 West Ham West Ham
9 Bournemouth Wolves
10 Wolves Bournemouth
11 Burnley Everton
12 Crystal Palace Crystal Palace
13 Everton Aston Villa
14 Aston Villa Burnley
15 Brighton Southampton
16 Southampton Newcastle
17 Newcastle Watford
18 Watford Sheffield United
19 Sheffield United Brighton
20 Norwich Norwich

​Chris Deeley​Liverpool Schmiverpool – the title race is over, let’s leave other people to talk about that. ​Spurs? Yeah, they’ve been disappointing and their mortal lock on a top four finish is in real trouble. 

But honestly? What the hell is happening at Watford? Didn’t lose any good players, were really good for most of last season, seemed to have bought well…and are the last winless team. They’ve let themselves down, they’ve let Hertfordshire down and most of all, they’ve let me down.

Roberto Pereyra

Scott Saunders: The title is already Liverpool’s to lose. They’ve got an eight point lead and a defence that isn’t completely broken, while ​Manchester City‘s aura of invincibility has gone. We may only be eight games in, but City’s weaknesses have been exposed – and they’ll probably continue to be exploited.

Chelsea and ​Arsenal seem like they could have enough for top four – Leicester aren’t bad either – but I still can’t willingly admit Man Utd will finish below West Ham. It’ll be a difficult season all-round for United and Tottenham, though. Norwich have won only two games so far, and their naivety will send them down. With Brighton and Sheffield United, probably.

Position Andrew Headspeath Jack Gallagher
1 Man City Liverpool
2 Liverpool Man City
3 Arsenal Chelsea
4 Chelsea Arsenal
5 Leicester Leicester
6 Tottenham Tottenham
7 Man Utd West Ham
8 West Ham Man Utd
9 Wolves Wolves
10 Bournemouth Burnley
11 Crystal Palace Everton
12 Burnley Crystal Palace
13 Everton Brighton
14 Aston Villa Bournemouth
15 Southampton Aston Villa
16 Sheffield United Southampton
17 Brighton Sheffield United
18 Watford Watford
19 Newcastle Newcastle
20 Norwich Norwich

​Andrew HeadspeathDespite Liverpool’s perfect start, I’m still banking on Man City’s deeper squad to stick the landing come May, especially if another centre-back arrives in January.

Man Utd, on the other hand, are officially at sub-Moyes levels and the break-up of the big six (at least for one season) may be on – and down the bottom, Watford and Newcastle look like relegation fodder, while Norwich as a team are admirable but not very good.


Jack GallagherLiverpool are the best team in the Premier League: fact.

Manchester City’s defence is terrible but they’re still infinitely better than everyone bar Liverpool: fact.

Tottenham Hotspur are falling apart: fact.

Manchester United look like a mid-table team: fact. 

Sheffield United are solid enough to survive: fact.

Teemu Pukki is great but Norwich City are were beat 6000-0 by Aston Villa so they’re the worst team in the league: fact.

And the rest of the table basically wrote itself.

Position Toby Cudworth Jude Summerfield
1 Liverpool  Liverpool
2 Man City  Man City
3 Arsenal  Tottenham
4 Leicester  Chelsea
5 Chelsea  Leicester
6 Tottenham  Arsenal
7 West Ham  Man Utd
8 Man Utd  West Ham
9 Bournemouth  Wolves
10 Crystal Palace  Crystal Palace
11 Wolves  Burnley
12 Everton  Bournemouth
13 Burnley  Everton
14 Aston Villa  Southampton
15 Southampton  Watford
16 Brighton  Aston Villa
17 Newcastle  Brighton
18 Sheffield United  Norwich
19 Norwich  Newcastle
20 Watford  Sheffield United

​Toby Cudworth: Well, well, well. I’ll be honest, I didn’t envisage the Premier League season starting in the manner it has – and I definitely didn’t see Liverpool having the title all-but wrapped up from Man City after just eight games of the season. But that’s where we find ourselves, so at least that’s one less thing to worry about, I suppose.

Arsenal, somehow, look like the best of the rest, though Chelsea have started to come into their own after an indifferent start to life under Frank Lampard. Maintaining it will be a different kettle of fish, and I really, really like the look of Leicester – providing they can keep their players fit and healthy. So I’m backing them to sneak cheeky Champions League qualification, as Man Utd and Tottenham’s worlds continue to fall apart.

Wilfred Ndidi,Jamie Vardy,Youri Tielemans

At the other end, Watford have been very, very bad and Norwich look hellbent on playing an entertaining brand of attacking football, no matter the cost. Sheffield United have been surprisingly good, but I feel things are going a little too well right now. So they’re my three to go down based on what I’ve seen so far, though Southampton, Brighton and Newcastle – as well as an inconsistent Aston Villa – will push them close.

​Jude SummerfieldThe title race isn’t over, but let’s be real: Liverpool are winning it. Leicester may burn out in the race for Champions League, and while there’s currently no logical explanation for backing Tottenham to finish third, I’m picking them on blind faith. 

Norwich’s approach looks like it needs some tinkering soon or they’ll be facing the drop, while the Longstaffs alone won’t be enough to keep Newcastle up, that funny win over Manchester United aside.

Position Krishan Davis Sean Walsh
1 Liverpool Liverpool
2 Man City Man City
3 Tottenham Arsenal
4 Chelsea Chelsea
5 Arsenal Tottenham
6 Leicester Leicester
7 Man Utd Man Utd
8 West Ham West Ham
9 Wolves Wolves
10 Everton Everton
11 Burnley Bournemouth
12 Bournemouth Crystal Palace
13 Watford Burnley
14 Crystal Palace Brighton
15 Southampton Sheffield United
16 Aston Villa Watford
17 Newcastle Southampton
18 Brighton Aston Villa
19 Norwich Norwich
20 Sheffield United Newcastle

​Krishan Davis: If I were to describe the Premier League so far this season in one word, it would probably have to be ‘unbalanced’. While the top two are setting incredible standards for relentless winning and mesmerisingly geometric football, the rest of the division has been underwhelming to say the least, making it very difficult to predict beyond the top two.

I think the mettle and winning mentality Jurgen Klopp has instilled in his players – evidenced in the Champions League win – will see them through domestically, while Man Utd will slip further towards mid-table mediocrity alongside several other underachievers such as Everton. Aston Villa have shown they have it in them to survive, while their fellow promoted sides may not be so lucky.

Sean Walsh: As a Spurs fan, these eight games have been tough to take, let alone because I was convinced this season would be a prelude to a title charge. The January transfer window will be huge in shaping the outcome of this season, but until I see what business happens, I can’t imagine Tottenham making the top four after this dreadful start.


Leicester have impressed me, but I don’t think they’ll have enough to sustain their push for a Champions League spot, while I think Manchester United will recover to at least qualify for the Europa League.

Honourable mentions go to Brighton and Sheffield United who I expected to do well, but my anger goes toward Southampton and Watford, who have performed well below the standards I had set for them.

Position Team
​1 Liverpool​
​2 ​Man City
​3 ​Arsenal
​4 ​Chelsea
​5 ​Tottenham
​6 ​Leicester
​7 ​Man Utd
​8 ​West Ham
​9 ​Wolves
​10 ​Bournemouth
​11 ​Everton
​12 ​Crystal Palace
​13 ​Burnley
​14 ​Aston Villa
​15 ​Southampton
​16 ​Brighton
​17 ​Watford
​18 ​Sheffield United
​19 ​Newcastle
​20 ​Norwich

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Source : 90min

Source: 90min

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