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Premier League fixtures announced: Christmas, boxing day and new years matches revealed

The Premier League fixtures for the Christmas period have finally been revealed, with Arsenal vs Manchester United featuring as the headline act of a nine-game bonanza on New Years Day.

Broadcasters have been falling over themselves to get a cut of the action, meaning almost all matches over the festive period will be accessible on television.

Arsenal’s New year’s Day encounter with rivals Manchester United has been penciled for a 8pm kick-off, with all matches earlier in the day also set to be screened by BT Sports with staggered kick-off times.

Arsenal and Manchester United will go head to head on New Year's Day at 8pm

Arsenal and Manchester United will go head to head on New Year’s Day at 8pm

It is the first time such volume of live football has been broadcaster during the busiest period in the English football calendar, and could be a sign of things to come for future live football arrangements. 

Amazon will also be showing the round of fixtures due on December 3 and 4, with games including Manchester United versus Tottenham and the Merseyside Derby between Liverpool and Everton.


December 7 – Everton vs Chelsea (12.30pm kick-off)

14 December – Liverpool vs Watford (12.30pm kick-off)

21 December – Everton vs Arsenal (12.30pm kick-off)

28 December – Burnley vs Manchester United (7.45pm kick-off)

1 January – Brighton vs Chelsea (12.30pm kick-off)

1 January – Burnley vs Aston Villa (12.30pm kick-off)

1 January – Southampton vs Tottenham (3pm kick-off)

1 January – Newcastle vs Leicester (3pm kick-off)

1 January – Watford vs Wolves (3pm kick-off)

1 January – Manchester City vs Everton (5.30pm kick-off)

1 January – West Ham vs Bournemouth (5.30pm kick-off)

1 January – Norwich vs Crystal Palace (5.30pm kick-off)

1 January – Arsenal vs Manchester United (8pm kick-off)

2 January – Liverpool vs Sheffield United (8pm kick-off)

11 January – Crystal Palace vs Arsenal (12.30pm)

18 January – Watford vs Tottenham (12.30pm kick-off)

21 January – Sheffield United vs Manchester City (7.30pm)

21 January – Chelsea vs Arsenal (8.15pm kick-off)

22 January – Leicester vs West Ham (7.30pm kick-off)

22 January – Manchester United vs Burnley (8.15pm kick-off)

23 January – Wolves vs Liverpool (8pm kick-off)

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