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Martin Keown outlines two things Unai Emery’s done at Arsenal that he doesn’t like

Martin Keown has given his verdict on Unai Emery to TalkSport ahead of Arsenal’s trip to Anfield to face Liverpool this weekend.

He did praise the Spaniard but also said he didn’t like the way he flitted between tactics last season or the fact that he is so animated on the touchline.

Keown said: “I hope Emery doesn’t tinker too much and keeps a settled system – he made far too many changes last year, from a back three to a back four. I think he’s the right man for the job, there’s no doubt – he just maybe doesn’t have the resources he would like.

“He does seem quite animated and sometimes I feel when managers are doing that you could say ‘are they prepared as they should be?’ If you’re having to run to me with information, you should have given it to me before.”

(David Price/Arsenal FC via Getty Images)

TBR’s View – Tinkering is an understandably divisive topic, but in-game instructions are no reason for criticism

Emery giving instructions from the sideline is often most likely due to an adaptation that needs making based on what he’s seen – that’s no reason to criticise him and is a bizarre point.

The note about tinkering is more valid. Some will see it as increasing the tactical flexibility of the squad, which can be hailed as a good thing.

Others will see it as the indecision of a man who has not yet stamped his identity all over Arsenal and is still scratching around for the right solution.

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