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Liverpool(™) charged again, Sky declare there is no Tottenham crisis

By Dr Billy the Dog McGraw

A little note on our trade marked rivals first, before moving on to the big story of media manipulation of a type so bonkers even I was surprised…

Liverpool(™) have been charged by Uefa after fans ran onto the pitch during their 4-3 Champions League victory against Red Bull Salzburg on Wednesday.

If you are a regular here you’ll know that we predicted that no serious action would be taken against Liverpool(™) following their using of an unregistered player.  After all if they only got one year ban from signing youngsters for all that they did in that scandal no one is going to bother to take serious action against them for playing an unregistered player.  I mean it is Liverpool.  They don’t break regulations.

And so it will be this time.  Another fine representing 0.000000000000000001% of their annual profits perchance.  Or less.

Meanwhile les tout-petits (as our near neighbours might be called if anyone speaking French possessd the Untold sense of humour) lost to the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion

A misunderstanding among reporters seems to be appearing with the Tiny Totts, as when, for example, the Guardian reporter writes, after the Brighton debacle, “Spurs in crisis: it is a tribute to recent progress at Tottenham Hotspur that Mauricio Pochettino’s team has managed to attract this kind of talk so early in the season.”

Yes it is not a real crisis to conced 10 goals in two games because you have made progress in recent years. Erm?????

Surely that is nonsense.  Arsenal’s crisis is set out repeatedly by the media day after day, week after week, century after century.  The only thing the scribblers disagree about is the exact nature of the crisis.   So we get

“Arsenal crisis on and off the pitch” from the aptly named blog, “Offthepitch” which is not to be confused with “Arsenal injury crisis this season” in the ever reliable Telegraph, and the “Crisis at Arsenal with Koscielny and the captaincy conundrum” from football365, not to mention the crisis of the failed tactical plan which has cropped up everywhere this season.

But in the media this is not the way of things with Tottenham.  For Tottenham we are assured is NOT in crisis.

Sky’s “The Sunday Supplement” team have told us that said there is no crisis for Tottenham are paying the price for their strict transfer and wage policies.

Which really made me think.  This is not a crisis because the club has adopted a policy – in this case a policy of restricting transfers and wage increases.   But how else do crises come about.

Supposing I drove to Arsenal down the M1 by going down the right hand carriageway.  I would cause an accident.   But perhaps that would not be an accident because I had CHOSEN to drive on that side.

OK sometimes it might be a crisis through accidents, but normally the crisis element is caused by the lack of planning to avoid the accidents happening, so my imagined accident, and Tottenham’s real life 10 goals against in two games is still a crisis.   Just seeing the cause of the crisis as being something that the club has done, does not make it not a crisis.  In fact it is the reverse.  They have made this happen, just as I would if I drove down the motorway the wrong way.

In fact it makes it more of a crisis, because Tottenham has adopted a policy which has led to these results.   According to the BBC it was the first time Tottenham has conceded seven at home in a major competition.  But no, no crisis.  It is part of a plan.

So now we see a perfect example of how Sky (and a few other bits of the media) repeatedly tries to manipulate our thinking about Tottenham.

The Sky Sports pundits do not believe that Tottenham are a team in crisis because the cause of the difficulties they have at the moment are entirely down to their policies.  If that were Arsenal, Arsenal would be blamed wholesale FOR HAVING THE WRONG POLICIES.

Sky’s biased approach makes no sense at all.   It is in fact the reverse of reality.  Just look at these results…

17 Aug Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Premier League
25 Aug Tottenham Hotspur v Newcastle United L 0-1 Premier League
01 Sep Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Premier League
14 Sep Tottenham Hotspur v Crystal Palace W 4-0 Premier League
18 Sep Olympiakos v Tottenham Hotspur D 2-2 Champions League
21 Sep Leicester City v Tottenham Hotspur L 2-1 Premier League
24 Sep Colchester United v Tottenham H L 0-0 (4-3) League Cup
28 Sep Tottenham Hotspur v Southampton W 2-1 Premier League
01 Oct Tottenham Hotspur v Bayern München L 2-7 Champions League
05 Oct Brighton and Hove v Tottenham H L 3-0 Premier League

One win in the last six.  Four defeats in the last five.  Two wins in the last ten.

No, of course it’s not a crisis.  It’s a…  (blog paused while writer goes searching for a dictionary of excuses…)

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