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How, where and why play lottery online

So you think lottery is for senior citizens only? Think again – those millions of pounds are wasted on the old! Millenials are picking up the habit of playing lottery online, especially as you can now play even US Powerball online and actually win the jackpot. GambleGuys is the resource to visit to find out more about quality casinos and lotteries. Let’s see which lotteries you can play online:


It’s a known fact that the largest Powerball jackpot ever awarded was $1.58bn, in January 2016, and the guaranteed jackpot in every draw is $40 million. You can play Powerball online and get a real ticket, purchased in the US, and if you do win the jackpot you’ll get to fly overseas and collect your winnings in person.

Mega Millions

This is also true for the other US lottery, Mega Millions, which regularly pays smaller jackpots between 1 and 3 million but then hands out a $500.000.000 jackpot every now and then. This is incredible value that can’t be matched by other forms of gambling, not even the progressive jackpot slots. If you win through a partner such as, they’ll fly you over to the US so you can collect your winnings in person. A non-resident can win this lottery, it’s only important to have the ticket purchased at the official retailer.

UK Lotteries

Of course, in the UK we have access to some of the best and most diverse lotteries in the world, but their prizes aren’t always as big as with their American counterparts, and even in Europe there are better ones. In fact, Euro Millions is the largest lottery that can be played in the UK, followed by Lotto, Set For Life and Thunderball.

If you want to maximize your chance of winning big, you should definitely play other lotteries in Europe, USA and the rest of the world, and you can do all that online. By limiting yourself to UK lotteries only, you’re missing out on those massive jackpots that are won by people who bought the ticket.

Strategies for playing

Every player has his/her own strategy, and it isn’t yet known if it’s better to play “your own” numbers all the time or try to guess which numbers will be drawn, based on past draws. All we know is that it takes a lot of luck, and playing your own numbers speeds things up considerably, especially if you play many different lotteries every week. Whichever strategy you choose, you simply have to strike lucky, as the draws are completely random.

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