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Crypto Betting on BPL 2020/21 – You should do it!

2020 could be the year when you start betting in Bitcoin, couldn’t it? There are plenty of advantages that will persuade you to do just that – though we understand you have no direct reason to abandon betting on Barclays Premier League with your credit card, in pounds sterling, at William Hill.

Let’s make a case for Bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) then.

First of all, Bitcoin is heavily regulated, so it’s just as secure as your bank account. There’s nothing anonymous or illegal going on here. For all practical purposes, Bitcoin is mainstream money.

Second, crypto sportsbooks offer incredible signup bonuses, better than what you’ve ever seen. Cloudbet is the most notable example as this sportsbook (one of the first Bitcoin sportsbooks, by the way) is offering a massive bonus of 5 BTC. That’s 40,000 pounds.

There are some habits you have to change if you want to claim these bonuses, however.

You’d have to abandon the idea of free bet chips, the idea of only betting in pounds, and the idea of only betting with UK traditional bookmakers.

It’s up to every punter to decide for himself, but in our opinion whoever is being overly conservative in this matter is losing a lot of money. Bitcoin bonuses for sports betting are massive, and that’s everything a punter might ever dream of.

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