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Casino bonuses compared to sports bonuses

Regardless if you’re gambling or not, there are some things that are just fun and should not be missed as they’re also profitable. Casino Bonuses fit this description as that’s free money (more or less) you can use to win some more money on some table game or a slot game.

Regardless if you’re searching for a Casino bonus code or you simply want a deposit bonus, or maybe some free spins, you’ll find it all on Casinobonusbeater. They’ll give you better info than we at Arsenal FC News possibly could.

We’ll just cover the basics and explain everything about casino bonuses to the uninitiated.

The general principle of a casino bonus is the same as a sportsbook bonus, though there are important differences. You deposit some money, you get some bonus money, and then you have to play for a while until you meet the rollover conditions, after which you’re allowed to withdraw the money.

Rollover conditions are the main difference between a casino bonus and a sportsbook bonus. While you’ll get away with rollover as low as 5x when placing sports bets, in casinos rollovers aren’t easier than 25x deposit plus bonus, and some go as high as 40x or even 60x in case of no deposit bonuses.

It’s important to check if the rollover includes deposit plus bonus, deposit only, or bonus only. In case of a 100% bonus, 50x bonus is equal to 25x deposit plus bonus.

Also, it is generally accepted you’ll be using your bonus on slots. The casino makes sure you do just that, as the contribution to rollover conditions is reduced in case of unwanted games. The ones with a low house edge are the unwanted ones – blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video poker, slots with high RTP, jackpot slots. Conditions vary from casino to casino.

Using simple math, it’s possible to calculate the Expected Value (EV) of a bonus. You just need to know how much do you need to stake in total, you need to know the house edge of the game you’re playing, and you need to know the bonus amount.

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