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Boreham Wood v Arsenal live match updates: the first half

By Tony Attwood

Problems with my subscription to the Premier 1 Sports channel meant I missed the first few minutes of the game and by the time I did get a picture Arsenal were 1-0 down.  Unhelpfully, the Arsenbal players do not hve names on their shirts so I’m struggling to say who is playing.   After 10 minutes however the commentator is saying that Arsenal have still not had any sustained possession.  So it is nothing like the games we have seen in recent years.

Also there is a lot of space in the ground with many people still arriving with the match ten minutes old.

And with 11 minutes gone a cock up in the Arsenal defence almost led to a second goal for Barnet but the ball went out for a corner.  The corner fell to an Arsenal player and it was simply booted up the field.  It is not very Arsenal like, even for an under 18 side.

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