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Bet365 mobile app review and how to use

It goes without saying that Bet365’s smartphone app is among the top three betting apps in the UK right now, even if bet365 Android app download takes a bit of jumping through hoops. It’s worth it and in this article we’ll explain why exactly.

First of all, Android users can’t download the app directly from the Google Play store as betting content isn’t allowed even when it’s an official app of a licenced bookmaker.

That means UK players – despite not doing anything wrong – have to resort to downloading the APK manually, setting their phone up so it can install an APK that didn’t come from the Google Play store, and finally installing it. It would be good to check the version of the APK you’re installing as you want the latest one.

Why use a mobile app at all?

The answer is simple. It takes only a few minutes, and will offer you lots of enjoyment down the line as your betting will become easier and more intuitive.

There are limitations that websites have, and even mobile versions of websites often suffer from still being tied to the desktop website in many ways. It’s likely the mobile website will still include 100% of the navigation and the links, and what we ant is a simple lean streamlined solution without clutter.

That’s where mobile apps come in.

When you’re using a mobile app, you can rest assured it was built from scratch, and that it probably solved a lot of UI and UX problems the website had. The only thing that’s important is to have an app that has full functionality, and that is the case with the Bet365 betting app.

Advantages of Bet365 app

Bet365 betting app has everything you see on the website, and some things are even easier, most notably live streaming. It’s easier to watch on the mobile app, and a bit clumsy on the mobile website so that’s something you want to avoid. If you’re betting on mobile, install the Bet365 app.

Cash Out, Edit Bet, Bet Builder, live streaming, notifications – it’s all there. Not only that you can do anything you can also do on the website, but it seems navigation and UX are better in the mobile app. Give it a go, it’s likely you’ll stick with the app and won’t think about visiting the mobile website again though it too is probably the best one among all bookmakers.

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