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Arsene Wenger Describes Coming Out of Arsenal Coma & Reveals Why He Hasnt Been Back to Club Yet

​Arsene Wenger has revealed that he has been in touch with people at Arsenal since his departure in 2018, but the Frenchman has indicated it would be too soon for him to head back to north London.

Having stayed in the dugout at Arsenal for no less than 22 years, the club and the 69-year-old eventually parted ways at the end of the 2017/18 season, with Unai Emery subsequently appointed as Wenger’s successor.

There were growing levels of toxicity at the Emirates towards the latter end of Wenger’s time, with many fans feeling the club were regressing and that a new approach was needed to move into a new era.

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Speaking to ​beIN Sports, it appears as though the club don’t want to cut ties entirely, however, as the three-time ​Premier League winner seemed to confirm that talks had taken place about a return in some capacity.

“I have been in touch with some people at the club but I felt when you go like that you cannot be half in, half out,” Wenger said. “You let people who come in work their way. And I wanted to take a complete distance. It’s still a bit early, maybe, to go back. I haven’t been back at the club, no.”

While there was no confirmation of whether Wenger meant to return purely as a visitor or as an employee of the club in some capacity, it will still come as a surprise to ​Gunners fans who felt the legendary boss would move on to other projects.


Wenger – who also ​revealed his desire to work at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar – also revealed he has enjoyed his time away from the game.

“I realised I was living a little bit like somebody in a coma for 35 years who woke up and suddenly saw something different in life, other than just my club, my game and my work.

“Maybe I have to analyse that better and take a little bit longer distance.

“I was tempted and as well a little bit afraid to dive back into it straight away.”

Source : 90min

Source: 90min

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