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Arsene Wenger admits he still craves the ‘excitement’ of football management

Arsene Wenger has revealed he plans to return to football management after admitting he ‘cannot live’ without feeling the excitement of being in the dugout. 

The 69-year-old says he has sometimes felt ‘bitter’ since his 22-year tenure at Arsenal came to an end in May 2018, but now feels he is ready to move on with his career.

The Frenchman, who finally feels ‘disconnected’ from the Gunners, has found it difficult to reject offers to return to the touchline over the last 16 months. 

Arsene Wenger says he 'cannot live' with the idea of never managing a football club again

Arsene Wenger says he ‘cannot live’ with the idea of never managing a football club again

In an interview with beIN SPORTS, Wenger said: ‘I cannot live today with the fact I will never be on the bench again. I might go for an intermediate position. 

‘What I want for sure is to share what I know and what I’ve learned as much as I can. I would like to experience for one last time the intensity of competition. 

‘I had a reluctance to go back into the heat again but it was difficult to say no to some people.’

Arsene Wenger lifts the FA Cup for a seventh time after Arsenal's win over Chelsea in 2017

Arsene Wenger lifts the FA Cup for a seventh time after Arsenal’s win over Chelsea in 2017

Wenger led Arsenal to three Premier League titles, including an historic unbeaten season in 2003-04. 

The Strasbourg-born coach also won the FA Cup seven times with the Gunners but insists he has now ‘reinvented’ himself after cutting ties with the north London club. 

‘When you have been in the game for such a long time, I would never have felt I could leave Arsenal without being disconnected from the club, but I had to reinvent a new life,’ he added.

‘Sometimes you could become a bit bitter because you don’t have the same excitement anymore, and I’m very happy to have survived but in a very positive way because I’m conscious to have 22 years is exceptional.

Arsene Wenger celebrates during Arsenal's Premier League title-winning parade in May 2004

Arsene Wenger celebrates during Arsenal’s Premier League title-winning parade in May 2004

‘I was very lucky to guide this club for 22 years – with a touch of class always. So overall I must say that I’m happy to have disconnected.

‘I managed to do that because I feel somewhere that I gave my heart and my brain as much as I could when I was there.

‘And then you have to accept that. It’s like educating children. You have to let them go their way and continue to be successful.’

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