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Arsenal, Southampton, and all those cup wins.

By Bulldog Drummond

And so, Southampton.  How do we normally do when we face them?

Normally we win: 51 wins, 28 draws, 21 defeats, although there have been occasional moments when things have not gone totally according to plans…

For example between 2014 and 2016 we played Southampton eight times, six in the League and twice in the league cup.

Of that run of games two were Arsenal wins, two were draws, and four were defeats, including the two games in the League Cup.  The worst of all was the 4-0 away defeat on Boxing Day, 2016.

Since then it has been more satisfactory including a glorious 0-5 away win in the cup…

Date Game Res Score Competition
28 Jan 2017 Southampton v Arsenal W 0-5 FA Cup
10 May 2017 Southampton v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
10 Dec 2017 Southampton v Arsenal D 1-1 Premier League
08 Apr 2018 Arsenal v Southampton W 3-2 Premier League
16 Dec 2018 Southampton v Arsenal L 3-2 Premier League
24 Feb 2019 Arsenal v Southampton W 2-0 Premier League
23 Nov 2019 Arsenal v Southampton D 2-2 Premier League
25 Jun 2020 Southampton v Arsenal W 0-2 Premier League
16 Dec 2020 Arsenal v Southampton D 1-1 Premier League

The one defeat in the last nine was also in December, that being 2018 with a 3-2 loss.  the last four have been two wins for us and two draws.  The last three away games have been a win, a loss and a draw.

Of course this time we play Southampton twice, first in the Cup and the in the League on Tuesday, both at their ground.

You will undoubtedly know that Arsenal do rather well in the FA Cup, but you may not know that we have been drawn against Southampton five times across the years, and never once been beaten.  Only once have we required a replay.  Here are the accumulated FA Cup results

Date Game Res  Score Competition
6 Mar 1927 Arsenal v Southampton W 2-1 FA Cup
19 Mar 1979 Southampton v Arsenal D 1-1 FA Cup
21 Mar 1979 Arsenal v Southampton W 2-0 FA Cup
17 May 2003 Arsenal v Southampton W 1-0 FA Cup
28 Jan 2017 Southampton v Arsenal W 0-5 FA Cup

And of course, we have done rather better than they have across the years.   Southampton have however won the FA Cup once as the chart below shows.

Arsenal you will know are the record winners, and indeed Mr Wenger has won the FA Cup more than any other person dead or alive.

Southampton first made the cup final in 1900, and then again in 1902, finally returning in 1976 when as a League Division Two side they beat Manchester United in the final 1-0.   They did make it back in 2003 when they lost by a similar score to,… well, actually, us.

And while contemplating the old cup, we might perhaps mention Tottenham Hotspur, as they always like to think the Cup is their particular competition.

They have indeed made it to the final nine times, which is some way under half the number of times we have paraded ourselves around the last match of a season.  They could of course overtake us by 2028 if they won the FA Cup seven years running.  But I think that a little unlikely.

Interestingly Tottenham and Arsenal share the record for the longest winning streak in finals, of seven successive finals without a defeat.  The difference between the two sides though is that it took Arsenal 18 years to achieve this run, while the Tiny Totts took a little longer: 81 years in fact.   From 1901 to 1982 (our was from 2002 to 2020).

Arsenal also hold the record for the most FA Cup games played by any club which is 455.

But to round it all off, let us never forget this one fact:

Most FA Cup wins: Arsène Wenger, 7

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