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Arsenal directors make it clear that £45m transfer limit is a newspaper myth

Of course there are lots of players who appear to have been on the edge of signing for days and day, but as yet, we have no confirmation from the club.

But there has been the feeling throughout that Arsenal, alone among the clubs in the list above, was hampered by a £40m limit on spending.

However at the annual meeting with fans at the stadium last night it was made absolutely clear that the £40m, sometimes quoted as £45m, was an absolute myth.   The exact phrase used from the platform was “I don’t know where that figure came from.”

Of course the trouble was that because we have had two months of the rumour that Arsenal only had £40m to spend while everyone has had much, much more, it seems some of the people at the meeting still did not believe the word from the directors.  The attitude seemed to me to be, “well if you have got more money why haven’t you spent it?”

I think there was also a feeling of “Why didn’t you tell us before?” although to be fair on this one, the level of rumours is now so totally insane, that Arsenal would need a director for denying rumours to keep up with everything, if they were to answer the stories.

There is also the problem that at the same time as having the £40m rumour, Arsenal have been linked with Zaha at double that cost.   Then suddenly Palace open discussions with Everton, and there is more anger from Arsenal fans who allege that Arsenal only have half the budget of Everton.

The fact is that over 80 players have been tipped to be coming to Arsenal this year.  These stories, and all the stories around it are just nonsense.   And the only criticism we can make of Arsenal until we window closes and we can see exactly who has come to the club and who has left, is that by never speaking about such matters until we have a fans meeting as we had last night, the rumours are not denied.

Arsenal are thus caught in a trap.  They don’t want to give away details of possible deals until they are done, for fear of other clubs trying come in and hijack a deal, but maybe when it is simply a statement like the £40m issue, they could have let us know a bit earlier, before the myth of £40m becomes accepted as fact by so many supporters.

Here, for completeness, is the list of the players we have lost this season

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