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Arsenal Blogs and national papers in remourceless attack upon Arsenal, but what’s the point?

By Sir Hardly Anyone

In the previous article the point was made that the Guardian report of yesterday’s game was ludicrously negative.  But of course it is not just them that takes this approach to Arsenal.

On Match of the Day Gary Lineker was critical of Arsenal players in the match against Liverpool.  Is that news?  Well of course I don’t know what sort of news world you live in, but it wasn’t news for me.  That’s what he does.  That’s what he always does.  At every opportunity.  Over and over and over again.

For me it makes rather boring TV, but obviously some people like it, because they keep watching it and in an indirect way, as a payer of the BBC licence fee, I pay part of his salary.  I don’t like doing that, but I have no choice.  In the UK we have to pay the licence fee if we want to have a TV.

But anyway, there it is, same as usual.  Lineker knocks Arsenal.  So what then is the point of Red London running the headline, “‘Poor again’ – Gary Lineker slams this Arsenal star in 3-1 defeat to Liverpool”?

Now obviously some people want to read this, otherwise the blog wouldn’t run it but I wonder what the point was of pointing out that Lineker was at it again.

Of course that blog was not alone.   Just Arsenal News ran, “Five huge mistakes that Unai Emery made against Liverpool”.   That was straight after, “Arsenal player ratings v Liverpool – one player gets 3 and that’s generous” and so that message is clear, we’ve had two weeks of thinking things were going ok, the new signings looked promising and that despite having to integrate them while key players were injured, but in fact we were rubbish all the time.

Read Arsenal went further with, “You idiot” – These Arsenal fans slam player after 3-1 defeat against Liverpool.

And more and more I was thinking, “why publish that?”  Is it to make a few quid from getting people to click on the adverts, or because the author really felt it was important to say this.

Now in the latter case, by and large Untold publishes articles that either we think are informative, or are putting forward a point of view that is not heard elsewhere (which is why we are “Untold”) or we find them funny.  But why publish a few fans’ comments about a player under the heading “You idiot” – These Arsenal fans slam player after 3-1 defeat against Liverpool.  It can only be because of the money or because the writer wants to generate more and more negative thought about Arsenal.   And why would anyone want to do that?

I can think of reasons but maybe it is best not to mention them.

Certainly we don’t need the blogs to tell us negative things about Arsenal – the mainstream will do that for us.  ESPN was straight in there with, Luiz’s shocker proves it’s the same old calamitous Arsenal.   

And it went on and on and on.  Luiz’s idiocy makes matters worse at Anfield said Suburban Gooners while Just Arsenal News had David Luiz full of excuses about his woeful performance.

There is very little to break the sheer unadulterated monotony of all this, although I must say the Daily Mirror did have a good try with VAR referees caught ‘having takeaway delivered’ while overseeing football match.

And that really makes my point.  That was entertaining.  These other articles I list are neither entertaining nor informative nor original.  So what is the point?

Well, with Football London at least we know the answer.  They aim to run an anti-Arsenal story every half hour, 24 hours a day, in order to gain a monopoly of the AAA audience, so they were at it again with Ex-Spurs man Danny Murphy slams Unai Emery and Arsenal on Match of the Day after Liverpool loss.  Mind you at least that had the benefit of making us think once again of why “Match of the Day” insists on having such a mix of people on its panel.

The BBC, much to its shame, has long since been following the anti-Arsenal trend, although at least it has the excuse that by running Arsenal in a negative light on its shows, it increases its audience, since Tottenham, WHU, Chelsea, Stoke and other such clubs have supporters who like seeing Arsenal being knocked.  Their headline was ‘Liability Luiz costs otherwise promising Arsenal’

The Mail went slightly off piste for a while late in the night with Arsenal boss Emery facing major defensive headache after admitting Monreal could leave the club which was odd since if Emery doesn’t want Monreal to leave he can always say no.

Oh yes and even though the transfer windows clinked shut a while back, we are still missing out on players, according to CaughtOffside, with Talks in London this week: PSG prepare £100m swoop for Arsenal transfer target to replace Neymar

So it goes on and on.  And I am really back to the simple question: what is the point of publishing this?  I mean, if you were/are a blogger, knowing all the torrent of negativity that follows each and every Arsenal game, why would you bother to add to the slush?   What is the point?

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