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6 of the Best Moments From Another Barnstorming Weekend of Premier League Action

​We’re three weeks into the new Premier League season, but we’ve already seen enough excitement to last for months. There’s been good moments, bad moments, and some downright ugly ones, too.

This weekend was no different, as fans were treated to some upsets and shocks, as well as the kind of drama which makes us all love (and simultaneously hate) football.

Here are six of the best moments from all the action.

Best Goal

Harry Wilson

Scoring against ​Manchester City isn’t easy, and it often takes something special to find a way through the Citizens. Fortunately, ‘special’ is Harry Wilson’s middle name (don’t look that up).

After falling two goals behind, ​Bournemouth needed a miracle, but there was a belief around the Vitality Stadium that they just might be in for a treat when Wilson stepped up for a free kick shortly before half time.

The ​Liverpool loanee pinged an outrageous effort right into the top corner with the kind of accuracy which you don’t even see in video games. Some of his teammates can’t even celebrate, because they’re simply in shock. City did go on to win 3-1, but Wilson certainly stole the headlines.

Best Assist


It’s fair to say that most people didn’t even notice Jota’s move to ​Aston Villa this summer, and those who did probably didn’t even care. On paper, he looked to be an underwhelming addition, but then he turned into prime Ronaldinho on his first start in a 2-0 win over ​Everton.

Everything Jota did was utterly outstanding. The ball looked glued to his feet at times, and he was a creative machine throughout. His pass for Wesley’s opening goal was exquisite, as the Spaniard showed incredible vision and precision to cut through the Toffees’ defence.

Everton certainly helped his cause by playing as if they had never heard of football before, but let’s not take anything away from Jota. He was fantastic.

Best ‘You Didn’t Mean That One’

Kevin De Bruyne

When you think of assists, you tend to think of City’s ​Kevin De Bruyne. The Belgian is a wizard with the ball, and he can create goals without even trying – literally.

15 minutes into the game, De Bruyne found himself winding up a shot in the penalty area. A goal seemed almost certain, but the midfielder ended up completely slicing his effort. Fortunately, the despair didn’t last long.

His scuffed strike bobbled right to the feet of ​Sergio Aguero, who slotted home to save De Bruyne’s blushes. It’ll probably be the easiest assist he ever gets.

Best ‘Woops’

Right, you know those videos of footballers volleying chewing gum back into their mouths? We can all agree that it’s always pretty cool to see that happen. However, what happens when it goes wrong? Well, just ask Florin Andone.

Ahead of ​Brighton and Hove Albion‘s 2-0 loss to ​Southampton, teammate Bernardo went to try his luck with the skill. However, he ended up just booting Andone in the back of the leg, who wasn’t happy about the whole thing.

He was furious with Bernardo, and seemingly decided to take his anger out on Saints defender Yan Valery, earning himself a straight red card for a poor challenge in the first half.

Best Celebration

Some players like to use celebrations to bask in the glory of scoring a goal. But some, like ​Jamie Vardy, prefer to use the occasion for something else.

Vardy, a boyhood ​Sheffield Wednesday fan, netted against rivals ​Sheffield United in ​Leicester City‘s 2-1 win, and celebrated by cupping his ears directly in front of the Blades fans. Supporters can be seen screaming at him, but Vardy obviously doesn’t care.

He then took to ​Twitter to provoke fans even more, dropping a subtle owl emoji to show his support for his former employers. Life is just one big joke for the striker.

Best Scramble

Pedro Neto,James Tarkowski

Many fans will tell you that the ​Premier League is home to some of the best football in the world. At times, that can be true, but then you get some moments which just leave you questioning that.

In ​Burnley‘s 1-1 draw with ​Wolverhampton Wanderers, Ashley Barnes put the Clarets ahead with a stunning half-volley. They almost made it two through Ben Mee’s header, only for it to come back off the crossbar and spark an incredible goalmouth scramble.

Ryan Bennett almost kicks it into his own net, the ball hits off the post twice, Rui Patricio flops down to catch it but misses, Bennett then slices two clearances, before Patricio finally picks himself up to collect the ball from between Bennett’s legs. Football at its finest.

Source : 90min

Source: 90min

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