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Every tipster you’ve ever seen online will tell you he’s winning and that you should pay him for his services – but we all know that couldn’t possibly be the case. That’s why we need services such as Football Tipster Reviews to separate wheat from chaff and tell us which tipster is really good and which is not.

Reading an independent review of a tipster is imperative if you want to really know is a tipster good or not, as review services know which statistical data to focus on – which matter more than the others and which are popular but meaningless.

By using tipster review services, you can filter out the tipsters that you were interested in, and create a small portfolio of profitable and reliable tipsters. If you manage to do that, then the only thing left to do is to be disciplined and to bet on what the tipsters tell you to.

With a bit of effort, it’s perfectly possible to have your own private portfolio of tipsters that make money for you as a group on a monthly basis. It does take the pleasure of gambling out of the equasion, but it does something much more important – it makes you a financial investor and not a gambler or a punter.

If you can get reliable tipsters that even produce 105% ROI as a group, and if your flat bet per event is 100 GBP, with a 100 events in one month you’d be investing a total of 10,000 GBP and would make a profit of 500 GBP.

While it may seem it’s easy to get a 105% ROI, which is a profit of 5% on total money staked, it is in fact very difficult to maintain in the long run without suffering from losing streaks. That’s why the one and only recommendation to anyone who wants to make a profit on betting is to create a portfolio of tipsters and follow them blindly. If it works, increase the stakes gradually. And the prerequisite for all of that is to have someone review your tipsters like is doing.

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